The Ten Laws of Wealth & Abundance Personal Development Package




To assist you in converting the Ten Laws of Wealth & Abundance book into actual extra dollars in your pocket, you’ll want to consider this action kit.

Supplementary materials include:

  • Ten Week Success Journal. This ninety-six page journal guides you step-by-step through a ten-week individual or group study process. It not only coordinates a powerful learning strategy, using all the other materials in the kit; but it also provides for you many learning models and financial worksheets. This is truly a remarkable work.
  • Ten Laws of Wealth & Abundance poster. This can be hung in your home, office, or other places as a reminder of the ten laws.
  • Four, thirteen-week Goal Achievement Booklets. You’re encouraged to write in career, family, financial, social, spiritual, and personal goals in these passport-sized booklets. Also, a thirteen-week personal growth process is included. This is like the one Benjamin Franklin used for over forty years, and credited as being the major factor in helping him become the most famous man in the world, and amass great financial wealth.
  • A CD entitled, How to Gain The Most From This BookThis message from Ron Willingham helps coordinate and guide you through a dynamic learning activity—multiplying your actual results in financial gains.
  • A CD entitled, Developing a Prosperity ConsciousnessThis powerful message by Ron Willingham directs you through the necessary steps for building a strong, positive attitude of prosperity and abundance. It helps you acquire a mind-set that focuses on plenty rather than scarcity, thus forming the foundation for lasting financial freedom.
  • A booklet entitled, How to Set Up Your Own Success Support System. This power-packed booklet takes you through actual steps necessary to have a weekly personal success support system, Also you’ll find weekly meeting minutes for continuing records. As you follow the guidelines, you’ll discover that your own personal effectiveness is multiplied.
  • A Money Bag Mind Game called, Set Aside for Yourself a Part of Everything You Earn. This process is designed to give you an extra $50 or more each week, creating a fun, profitable money game you play. This activity includes a Money Bag, and an instruction booklet that serves as a weekly record of the actual dollars you pay yourself instead of giving it to other people.

What you save in the first couple of weeks alone can more than pay for the entire Wealth & Abundance Action Kit.

All these learning and financial freedom aids are beautifully packaged to coordinate with the book, and assist you in increasing your financial, career, and personal success.

You’ll also discover that you can use this Action Kit for group study.

Beautiful Set of Ten Financial Affirmation Posters ($29.50)

Designed to look like antique leather bound books, each poster has a financial slogan that coordinates with The Ten Laws of Wealth & Abundance. Hang them in your office, study, bedroom, or closet door, one at a time for a week, and allow their positive message to saturate your mind.

Because each looks like a different, unique piece of art, many people will want to frame them.


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