How to Become a Certified Facilitator

Conducting the Course in Your Own Organization

You, your managers, or trainers can be certified to conduct the course in your own organization.  This gives you an opportunity to help your company enjoy significant growth in sales and profitability at a very low cost.

Over 30,000 facilitators have been certified to conduct Ron Willingham’s courses all over the world.  He has developed a highly effective method of equipping you to conduct The Authentic Salesperson™ Course with your people.  We give you all the tools to facilitate the course.

The course is an interactive, experiential development process where people grow through application, practice, and reporting.  This facilitation role is different from teaching, instructing, or advising.

Open and In-House Certifications

You may enroll in open certifications that are conducted periodically at:

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
24th and Camelback
Phoenix, Az

The seminars are three and a half days—usually a Monday through Thursday at noon.

Each seminar is limited to 24 participants, insuring personal attention to each participant.  Ron Willingham personally heads the certification staff.  The event is very educational—not only will you learn how to conduct the course, but you’ll   also learn leadership and behavior changing principles that you can apply in many other areas of your life.  Our goal is to make it one of the most beneficial, enjoyable, and personally rewarding experiences of your life.

We also conduct the certification seminars in larger companies who have a minimum of 12 people.

Complete Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Our objective is to help you enjoy a great learning experience, as well as the tools to significantly increase your organization’s sales.  At the end of the seminar, should you feel that it has not been worth far more than the tuition fee to attend it, we will refund your tuition fee.

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