The Author

Ron Willingham has written courses that have been conducted in over 100 nations, with upwards to two million participants.  WillinghamHe is the author of 30 development courses, and 11 books.  Among his books are The Inner Game of Selling, Integrity Selling for the 21st Century, The Best Seller, Integrity Service, Hey, I’m The Customer, The People Principle, When Good Isn’t Good Enough, and The Ten Laws of Wealth & Abundance.

After entering the training and development field in the mid 1960’s, he has worked with some of the pioneers in the human growth field—Dr. Maxwell Maltz, author of the bestselling book Psycho-Cybernetics; and W. Clement Stone who  co-authored Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude with Napoleon Hill, who also wrote the all time bestseller Think & Grow Rich.

Ron originated many of the interactive group training processes widely used today, and was the first chairperson of the National Speaker’s Association’s Sales Trainers Special Interest Group.  His Integrity Selling course was a first to combine client-focused selling concepts with unique interactive development dynamics, aimed at creating actual behavior change in participants.

Willingham, with Executive Director Rick Miller, was one of the founding board members and past National Board Chairman of Kids at Hope, a national non-profit organization bringing a positive message of hope, optimism, and success to kids.  Since its founding in 2000, over 350,000 kids have been touched with this message, as well as given materials and processes for setting life goals, discovering abilities, and deepening an inner belief in their success possibilities.

Ron lives in Phoenix, Arizona.