Measuring Your Client-Focused Success Level

Please take a few moments, read each statement, asking yourself, “How descriptive is this statement of my actual selling behaviors.  Follow these descriptors as guidelines.

Use these descriptors as guidelines.

5—Always true, without exception
4—Mostly true
3—True more often than not
2—True only part of the time
1—Rarely true


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Is Your Achievement Drive High or Low?

Regardless of your score on this assessment, if you have a high achievement drive, and are determined to succeed despite current difficulties, you’ll benefit from The Authentic Salesperson™ Course.

Your desire level is the predictor of your future success.

When your true purpose is to create the most value for the most people, and be rewarded accordingly, you will begin to release higher and higher levels of achievement drive.  Your sales will continually climb upwards, and so will your compensation.

In a private conversation, Dr. Maxwell Maltz once said, “Enthusiasm stems from who we think we are, and what we think we can contribute to others.”


“Knowing where you now are, and setting goals for where you’d like to go, get’s you off your launching pad.  It’s then your persistence that takes you into orbit.”