Why Does Most Sales Training Miss the Mark?

They Fail to Address the Different Intelligences Necessary for High Achievement

Intelligences? Yes.

Most people think that when salespeople have sufficient product, industry, application, and systems knowledge, they’ll sell well.

Not so! But that’s the only training that most salespeople get.

Obviously, they must have this knowledge, but having it only gives them a ticket to get into the arena. It doesn’t prepare them to slug it out and win games.

Other than the above knowledge, here are four more intelligences they must have. Unfortunately, most are missing from most training.

  1. Motivational Intelligence, or MQ. The ability to set goals and build an inner belief in their possibilities. Being motivated by the hope of rewards. This energizes desire, releases achievement drive, and triggers result-producing activities.
  2. Social Intelligence, or SQ. The skills to adjust to clients different Personality Patterns™. Seeing the world through others’ eyes. Connecting. Listening. Understanding. Caring. Adjusting your communication with clients’ styles.
  3. Activity Intelligence, or AQ. The ability to plan time and activities that will yield desired outcomes. Creating clear action plans. Following through and carrying out plans, focusing on results. Developing the enjoyment of serving.
  4. Emotional Intelligence, or EQ. The ability to control emotional ups and downs that can trump knowledge and sap willpower around 85 percent of the time. Making right choices. Confidently responding to all situations.

For the first time in history, all these intelligences are addressed and experientially developed in The Authentic Salesperson™ Course. Much more than how-to-sell, this process also deals with the many causes that drive 85 percent of sales success. Values. Inner belief boundaries. Emotional and spiritual truths.

Please take a few moments and review this site. You’ll discover many new discoveries about selling that the world hasn’t previously known.

To begin, let’s go back and re-define selling.  Let’s change it from doing things to people, to doing things for them!  From convincing and persuading to helping and creating value for them.  And . . . receiving increased compensation consistent with the extra value we create.

Selling Re-Defined

We have re-defined selling to fit today’s cultural and value shifts, buyer demands, and how it should have been defined long ago.  Here’s our definition.

Selling is seeing as many people as possible to determine who we can help.  If they want or need our help, you help them.  If they neither want nor need our help we haven’t failed, we’ve succeeded in finding who we can help.

Failure is finding people who want our help, but we fail to help them.  Or, it’s pre-determining that people wouldn’t want our help, or we feel uncomfortable contacting them, so we fail to see if we can help them.

We know that we’re significantly stronger—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—when we see what we do as helping people, rather than selling things to them.

Sound too simple?  Well, maybe, but, when believed and applied, the difference is a career and life-changer.

Our experience shows that espousing this new purpose, belief, or value sets salespeople free from low activities, or contact reluctance.

Hard-Wired to Serve

Current research is now proving what experts in human behavior have known for many years—new levels of energy, confidence, and emotional go-power are released from within us when our intent is to create the most value for the most people.

David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., wrote, “The intent to serve others strongly activates the right brain chemistry and physiology.  This alters perception and releases anabolic neurotransmitters and endorphins into the brain.”

“What does this have to do with selling,” you ask?


Our intent, purpose, motives—the reason s we sell—are the deepest drivers of sales success.  Get them right, and our sales will escalate.  New levels of energy, confidence, and professionalism flow through us.

You Can’t Teach People to Sell by Teaching People to Sell!

Intellectual knowledge alone doesn’t guarantee success in selling.  Until information is consistent with our inner belief boundaries, and converted into automatic habits and behaviors, our sales will not significantly increase.  Most sales training fails to cause any actual behavior change.

Now for the first time in history, we can provide you with salesperson development processes that combine effective CLIENT-Focused sales skills with inviolable values, ethics, and integrity.  But, we go much further than just providing information.   Our unique experiential learning delivery system then converts this information into automatic on-the-job behaviors.

When You Must Get Results

We can help you increase your people’s sales, by developing stronger activity habits, reaching higher goals, and expanding their inner belief boundaries.

Your managers or trainers can be certified to conduct our processes, helping you enjoy a dynamic

result-producing  curriculum at a very low cost.

Please take a few minutes and read through the information on the following pages.  You’ll get a deeper understanding of how we can partner with you to increase your sales.

Every Salesperson Should Have the Resources to Succeed . . . No Exceptions!