Authenticity – The Head, Heart, and Soul of Selling




By Ron Willingham

New Discoveries That Antiquate Most of What You’ve Been Taught that Causes Sales Success!


Why should you read this book?
Only if you’re interested in your future success!

Most sales training doesn’t work! It doesn’t increase sales! Getting little or no results. Causing low retention of advisors. Increasing recruiting difficulties. The reason is that most sales training is only information dispensing, with no behavior-changing dynamics attached. But, we’re more than intellectual beings. We also have emotions, values, and accumulated inner belief-boundaries.

But, going even deeper, we have within us what Dr. Carl Jung called the “spirit-of-truth.” Something deep within us knows what’s right and what’s wrong. Choices, actions, and behaviors that are congruent with “truth” produce positive energy, and release endorphins and neurotransmitters into our brains. These transcend fear.

Learn about these and many deep discoveries in the new, soon to be released book AUTHENTICITY—The Head, Heart, and Soul of Selling. The book deals with the deeper causes of success in selling that have heretofore not been generally known.

Ron Willingham shares with you The Three Levels of Consciousness™ that, when working together in harmony, create an emotional synergy that multiplies your sales effectiveness. This antiquates most everything called “sales training.”

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